6 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Love Coffee

So here I go… the first blog article for Coffee Tom’s. The launch of my coffee brand awaits and these are the first steps. 

Well I thought i’d start with an easy one for me - why entrepreneurs love coffee. I wouldn’t quite call myself an ‘entrepreneur’ as of yet, but definitely an aspiring one. I’ve had previous businesses but no big break just yet - but those stories are for another blog article. 

Coffee is my everyday necessity. I definitely have positive associations with it. But Why? 

Productivity & Mind Enhancing 

Mac screen which includes the words 'do more' on it on a well laid out desk

Coffee's special ingredient, or what I call the ‘entrepreneurs drug’ - Caffeine. Us business folk need that extra boost to be on top form, all day everyday and coffee can get us there. 

Now i’m not saying to guzzle down constant coffee’s all day. But when you’ve got that big project, or potentially a more boring task, then the caffeine in coffee can help you get it over the line, and quicker! 

I'm a little bit in love with Life Hack's article on how to be more productive to get peace of mind. 


Why don’t we discuss this over a coffee?

two people discussing business over a coffee

 This might be a common phrase in the day to day life of an entrepreneur.  There is nothing better than sipping over a hot beverage, whilst discussing and brainstorming ideas - whether that would be with a business partner, potential client or maybe just an old friend. 

We love a good old chat to get our thoughts flowing, and picking each others brains for ideas on how to move forward with business. Most entrepreneurs have a fair few stories to tell with their everyday struggles, pushes and learnings. 


On top of the world! 

Now.. I can’t say this is a feeling that you get from every coffee you drink, but certainly after a period of little caffeine. 

One memory I had of this is after a short period of my ‘coffee ban’, I grabbed myself an extra large latte with an extra shot from Cafe Nero (notice all the ‘extra’) sipping it in the front seat of a friends car and woweee I could feel it pumping my blood, and I got to say it felt pretty good. 

You know those moments when you feel like you are really focused, and ideas are flowing all over the place - that is how I felt. And I mean, that isn’t a bad feeling to have as a business owner. 


For the love of coffee

coffee art with a heart on it surrounded by blue coffee coasters

You can probably tell by the fact that I'm in the process of building a coffee brand, which is also dedicated to writing about coffee quite a few times a week. one, I like coffee, two, I like to talk about coffee. 

Now since it is a common theme between entrepreneurs that they enjoy a mug of the delightful stuff, it isn’t uncommon that we like to discuss it between us! My personal favourite is a drink in flat white, but my go to takeout is a large latte - can’t go wrong! 


Have you guys seen my new office? 

If you're building a business from scratch, you'll likely want to keep the costs down. Now where will you work if you don’t have your own office? Potentially at home, but who wants to be stuck there day in, day out all by yourself. So that is where coffee shops come into play. 

It’s a buzzing place, with people coming in and out. You can stick your headphones in and be in your own little bubble whilst sipping on a beautifully crafted flat white with a leaf pattern on it. Sounds like a dream to me… and is another reason why entrepreneurs love coffee. 


I’ve had 4 hours sleep, how am I going to get through the day?! 

A woman with red hair falling asleep on an arm chair

This is not an everyday situation, believe me! I need my 8 hours sleep otherwise I struggle to function - is it just me? 

Some days it is not in your control. You need to complete that project, or that work for your client and time flies by… oh it is now 3am! Better hit the hay.

Up again at 7am for work, pushing through for the first few hours and then BOOM. You’ve hit the wall. Now that wall is a high wall and you are going to need a boost. What can you turn to? The hot beverage that can save the day! It is coffee time. 

I’d say this is a main reason why everybody loves coffee (and if you don’t, get off my blog and never come back… just kidding, you can stay for a couple minutes longer, you must be enjoying my article if you have read this far). However, if you are an entrepreneur, it is probably more likely to happen to you and can give you that push to land that deal, or get those extra sales that you need to hit your targets. 

The cut do a fantastic article on getting through the day with a lack of sleep so it is worth checking that out if you are interested. 


Well that is all folks, 6 reasons why entrepreneurs love coffee! Stay tuned for many articles to come, and soon.. FREE COFFEE.. Except for the fee that I need to charge to keep my business going, so not actually free but I thought it might grab your attention more. 

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As i’ve said before, I am in the progress of building my coffee brand and am in the coffee tasting phase from various suppliers (the best part). I am looking to create the perfect blends of coffee for your day to day productivity and happiness - what more could you want? 

There will be a coffee subscription, coffee beans, cafetiere coffee and lots more to come. 

Any support with the blog by sharing it around would be seriously appreciated.

Much Love. 


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