Coffee Art For Beginners

Coffee is more than just about the best coffee beans or the best filter coffee. Coffee can also be somewhat of an art form.

Whether it is making the perfect cup to enjoy at home or enjoying the handiwork of the baristas as your favourite coffee stop.

Not sure that you have that artistic streak, but want to know more? Here is our top guide to the top 4 coffee art designs that you can try out yourself.

First what do I need?

Before we even look at the designs that you can recreate at home lets take a look at the things that we are going to need to create something special.

The list is pretty simple:

  • A jug
  • A cup
  • Either a toothpick or if you are feeling fancy a latte art tool
  • An espresso machine
  • A milk frother

You are also going to need to have coffee, milk and chocolate syrup.

You are going to need to make sure that the milk that you use for steaming is cold, hopefully you know how to make your own latte and ensure that is frothy as the froth and foam is what you are going to need to create the base of your designs.

Once you have got to grips with the basics, now is the time to think about your designs that you can create.

The heart

The first one that you need to make is the heart.

In order to do this you are going to need to steam 3 times the size of your cup (so for a one ounce cup you need three ounces of milk) you will need to steam the milk before tilting the cup to 45 degrees in one hand and pouring the milk into the centre with the other hand.

The pitcher that you use should be held high up as this will ensure that the milk goes to the bottom of the cup.

When the cup is three-quarters full you need to start shaking your hand that holds the pitcher as you pour.

Then, at the last moment you need to stop shaking and move the pitcher closer to your cup.

As you do this white circles will appear on your coffee and then, as the cup is almost full, pour the milk in a line from one side to the other through the center of the cup.

Check out the video here:

heart shaped coffee art surrounded by coasters

The rosetta

When you see the rosetta then chances are that you think that it is a hard design to recreate, but the truth is that it is pretty easy.

In order to make this design you need to tilt your cup to 45 degrees then start pouring in your milk.

Don’t hold the cup too close to the pitcher and make sure that the stream of the milk is nice and thin and that it sinks to the bottom to make a base.

When the cup is three-quarters full then you need to move the pitcher even closer to the cup until it rests on it.

Once it touches the cup you need to pour out a bit more milk and you will see a dot of foam.

This is the point that you move the pitcher from side to side, before pouring less and less milk as the cup fills.

Once the cup is almost full you need to lift the pitcher and start moving the milk stream through the centre of the cup.

Watch the video here:

rosetta shaped coffee art on a flat white

Etch spirals

In order to do this particular style you are going to need to have some chocolate syrup to hand.

In order to stop the syrup from sinking to the bottom of the cup, you are going to need to make sure that the foam is thick.

With the syrup you need to draw a spiral from the centre the mug to the edge, then take a toothpick (or a tool if you have one) and then pull lines from the centre to the edge of the cup.

Make five lines (which will look like a star) then, if you have time make lines from the edge to the centre.

A great how to video here:

etched spiral coffee art using chocolate syrup

A Bear

If you are really up for the challenge then you can start to try different designs and the bear is a great place to start with more complicated designs.

The bear works much the same as the heart (so make sure that you master this one first) however at the end you need to change things up.

Rather than pouring the milk to the edge of the cup  you need to put the pitcher a little higher, pour the milk, then put the pitcher closer to the cup in order to make the stream thicker.

The shape should resemble an apple. Once you have this you need to take a spoon and a bit of milk, putting two dots on each side of the shape (to make ears) before using a toothpick to draw eyes and a nose at the centre of two semi circles.

If you have the tool then you might find that this is too thick for this design so you will actually need to rely on the basic toothpick option instead.

Video on how to create this cute bear here:

bear flat white coffee art

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