What Should You Do With All Those Coffee Grounds?

Regularly making a fresh cuppa Joe at home and not knowing how to make use of all that used fine ground? 

To help you to figure out how best to dispose of your coffee grounds, I've put together a few tips on what do with them after drinking your delicious cup of coffee.

Pop them on your plants

Got a garden or some house plants? They love coffee just as much as we do (if not more!)

Plants need the right nutrients in order to survive, which means that you need to properly fertilise your soil to help them to grow. The stores within your soil will soon deplete as your plants grow and grow, however this is where coffee grounds can help.

Placed on your soil they will bring a wealth of nutrients that your plants need. This includes iron, magnesium and nitrogen too. Not only this, but coffee grounds are also thought to absorb some of the heavy metals that are found in soil.

Whilst coffee grounds are ideal for attracting worms (which are good news for your garden) they actually repel some other bugs, particularly mosquitos, fruit flies and beetles. Ideal if you want to protect your plants and protect you too.

GrowVeg have put together an awesome guide for using coffee grounds in your garden which is well worth checking out. 

coffee grounds in your garden

Compost it

If you regularly drink coffee and you have plenty of coffee grounds, then you are going to find that you have too much to pop onto your soil.

Rather than throwing it away, you can actually store it for later. With composting. Composting is an all natural process and it turns food (or in this case coffee grounds) into compost.

When the time comes to need a top up for your soil, then having a compost on hand will help you to ensure that your plants have what they need to grow.

Neutralise odours

As we have already mentioned, coffee grounds are known to contain nitrogen (which makes them useful for plants). However, nitrogen is also good for battling sulphur gas. Sulphur, when mixed with carbon that is found in the air, will start to smell pretty bad and the nitrogen in coffee grounds can overpower the sulphur and get the air smelling good again.

A great place to pop your coffee grounds is in your fridge or freezer, they simply need to be in an open bowl and they will help with any spoiled (or particularly smelly foods).

You could also add some grounds to an old sock and place that around your home, if you are looking for an all natural alternative to standard air-fresheners.

In fact, they work really well if you pop them in a gym bag or even your shoes if they are particularly smelly.

Use it to clean with

Not everyone is a fan of using chemical based cleaners in their home, however, it can be hard to know what is the best natural alternative.

You may not realise it but coffee grounds are great if you want to use an abrasive cleaner on a particularly stubborn stain. Their natural exfoliant nature means that they can remove the stain and they also have antibacterial properties, which can help to clean the area too.

We have seen people use them on the sink, or on their cookware. However, it is important not to use it on surfaces that are porous, as they could lead to stains.

Make a natural skin product

Coffee grounds are not only great for cleaning, but they can also be an all-natural skin treatment too. The natural exfoliant properties of the grounds will help to remove dead skin and dirt from your face and body and it is not going to cause any reactions.

In order to make a body scrub you can either mix your grounds with coconut oil, water or honey. It is entirely up to you on what mixture you use. Best of all, because all the products are natural, you don’t have to worry about using it on sensitive places such as your face.

Healthline have put together all the benefits of coffee for your skin, and there are a fair few skincare brands out there who are growing their coffee skin care ranges very quickly, so why not make your home if you have the ingredients? 

coffee scrub in a jar

Use it to fix scratched furniture

Wooden furniture can be prone to scratches and these can be frustrating. There are plenty of things that you can buy to try and minimise how noticeable these scuffs are, however, if you want to make sure that these products are natural then you might want to consider coffee grounds.

The abrasive nature of the grounds will help to buff out any scratches and they will also dye the wood a slightly darker shade, which will also help the mark to be less noticeable.

As it is a natural treatment, you can apply more than once to an area, however, it is recommended that you take some time between each application to allow the chance for the wood to dry.

The main thing to remember is that whilst it may seem easiest just to pop those coffee grounds in the bin, there is actually plenty that you can do with them once they are used. Whether it is around the home, in your garden or perhaps even on your skin, coffee grounds not only help you to create a delicious cup, but also to do a whole lot more besides.

If this doesn’t give you an excuse to enjoy a coffee on a more regular basis, then nothing will!

Without coffee, you are not going to need to find a way to dispose of your coffee grounds. So, why not treat yourself to a coffee subscription? With a variety of coffee beans online, we can help you to find not only the perfect brew to enjoy at home, but also ensure that you get a chance to try a range of coffee origins, helping you to develop your own coffee tastes & smells. 

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