Hello! I'm Tom

and I'm the founder of Coffee Toms.

I'm a 6ft5 bearded coffee enthusiast, who doesn't live in Shoreditch (shocking I know).

With two kids under 4 running around I would estimate that I'm actually made up of approximately 80% coffee, 100% of the time. (Can I get a yawn from any of the other parents out there?).

Why have I started Coffee Toms?

Well, put simply; I'm a massive coffee enthusiast.

My mission is to create a community of fellow coffee lovers who enjoy the bean > cup process as much as I do.

My Vision

is for everyone to be drinking the highest grade coffee, sustainably sourced from bean > cup.

Oh, and for a bigger storage unit so my partner doesn't kick me out for filling all of her cupboard space with my coffee beans.
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