We've compiled a list of some of our frequently asked questions, if I haven't answered your query below then please just drop me an email at coffeetomsstore@gmail.com.
Coffee Toms subscriptions are £10.95 a month per 250g bag - this contains approximately 15 cups, making it 70p per cup. Along with the beans, we send out details where we have sourced the beans from and tasting notes. We offer FREE delivery on orders of 2 or more bags per month.
Our coffee is delivered by the 15th of each month. If you are not home don't stress, the courier can leave them in a safe place or with a neighbour.
Yes - all of our beans are of a specialty grade.
If you order 2 or more bags of coffee, there is no additional delivery charge. If you order 1 bag per month, the charge is £3.10 on top of the subscription cost.
When you buy coffee beans from a supermarket or high street chain, the profits end up in the hands of those who sell it, and you end up with coffee that has been mass produced by machines that will taste generic with little quality or personality. Our coffee is different – it is effing good. The beans are sourced from small, independent farms and see the process from start to finish, from the Coffea plant to the bean. We are on a mission to change the way people buy coffee beans, one bag at a time. All in all, our beans are specialty grade - making it the highest grade of beans available.
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