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Single Origin Specialty Grade Coffee. 

Free shipping on 2 or more bags each month.

All orders will arrive on 15th of each month. 


What is Craft? 

In summary, this is just effing good traditional coffee, from the highest grade of specialty beans. Full of texture, bold & rich with hints of chocolate & caramel.

The beans are of the highest grade when it comes to growing & roasting them - which provides them with a wide variety of flavours, aromas, aftertaste and more. 

So if you are looking for luscious fresh coffee, then this is the subscription for you. 

What are the origins of beans from this subscription? 

Each pack will be from a single origin, but you may receive beans from different origins & regions each time. 

Some origins in our Craft subscription include: 

  • Columbia
  • Ethiopia
  • Kenya
  • Peru
  • El Salvador 
  • Brazil

Taste notes: 

Each freshly roasted pack will have it's unique hints of flavour! In our Craft subscription, you can expect; milk chocolate, caramel, brown sugar, plum, toffee, & cacao 

How many bags should you buy in your subscription?

Well, this is dependant on your coffee drinking habits and whether you are a just a lightweight coffee sipper, or a coffee gulping heavyweight. What I can say though is that usually people buy 2-3 bags per month which gives them just over one coffee per day.

How does it work? 

Choose one of our subscription types that suits your tasting. Sourced from the highest grade of farms & roasted to perfection, pick the grind that suits your brewing method. Whether that's whole bean, coarse (for cafetiere, cold brew, pour over etc.) or fine (for espresso, moka pot, aeropress etc.). Finally, all you need to do is choose how many bags you want per month, add it to your cart, punch in your details and your off!

You will receive an email prior to us sending the freshly roasted coffee beans to you giving full details of the beans origins, farm, processes & flavour hints. 

Got any questions? Visit our contact us page

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